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‘You say some of them, there must be a few who start on less. I’ll come to t’others later on. Aye, Joe, the big ones, I’ll come to them later on, but in the meantime . . .’

The little man blinked, gnawed at his lip, looked down to the cobbles on which they were standing, as if considering. Then his eyes narrowing, he squinted up into Rory’s face, saying conspiratorially, ‘There’s one in Corstorphine Town I might manage; it’s not all that cop but they can rise to five quid a night.’

‘It’ll do to start with, Joe’

‘An’ you’ll say nowt about?’ He jerked his head backwards.

‘No, Joe, I’ll say nowt about . . .’ Now Rory imitated Joe’s gesture, then added, ‘Until you take me in there.’

‘That’ll be the day, Mr Connor.’

‘Aye, that’ll be the day, Joe. An’ it mightn’t be far ahead.’

‘You worry me, Mr Connor.’

‘I won’t get you into any trouble, Joe, don’t you worry.’ Rory’s tone was kindly now.

‘Oh, it isn’t that that worries me, it’s what’ll happen to you, if you take a wrong step. You don’t know this game, Mr Connor.’

‘I can play cards, Joe.’

‘Aye, I’ve heard tell you can. But there’s rules, Mr Connor, rules.’

‘I’ll stick to the rules, Joe.’

‘But what if you come up against those who don’t stick to them, Mr Connor?’

‘I’ll deal with them when I come to them, Joe. Now this place in Corstorphine Town.’

‘What time is it now?’ Joe looked up into the darkening sky, then stated, ‘On four I should say.’


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